My name is Spike/Mads or honestly refer to me as any character you thi nk fits me or whatever. I go by he/him pronouns. I'm white and am 23 years old.

Don't interact/Follow if you:

• Follow the regular byf criteria (racist, homophobic, transphobic, etc

• Think that bisexual is a transphobic/homophobic sexuality

• are a "bi/pan lesbian"

•Use any variation of the the blue/green gay flag

•use the terms milf/dilf/mommy/daddy (mommy and daddy in a sexual context. If you refer to your parents this way it's cool. I'm sorry people are weird with those words)

•Think it's ok to ship adults with minors, age up minors to make it "more acceptable" to ship with adults, ship incest (adopted siblings count fuck off)

•Erase the identity of nonbinary characters by saying their gender is "up to interpretation" (example: giving Kris/Frisk/Chara pronouns other than they/them)

•Are not critical of your interests/defend creators for their ignorance or even bigotry. Criticism should be welcome for every source of media as nothing is free of problems.

•Are into homestuck, south park, camp camp, friday night funkin, attack on titan, hetalia, dsmp, (I will hard block you if I find our you're a fan of any of this media.)

•support gaud, pewdiepie, dream, Halley labs/lapfox, or anyone who supports them

•Support cops and the military

Please read before following:

•Please keep in mind I do not like being referred to as q//er or an enby. Q//er is still a slur and I really don't appreciate being called an enby cuz it sounds infantalizing to me. Please don't direct those words toward me or tag me in posts containing those words. This is my personal choice! If you use these terms for yourself cool but just don't use them for me!

•I politely ask if you could not involve me in ace discourse.

•I don't tag donation posts unless they have graphic images or discriptions. Please don't ask me to tag as "donation" or something easy to blacklist because donations lose traction easy if they're tagged.

•Unfortunately if you dislike dragons I'm not sure if we can be friends. Dragons have been a very big interest for me ever since I was little.

•I really like bugs, horror and other creepy things. I tag accordingly but if you need anything else blacklisted please let me know!

•I love to use a lot of heart/love emojis when talking with friends/mutuals. If that makes you uncomfortable please let me know!